On occasional Saturday nights, selected clients of Sarah Joy's salon convene for haircuts and socializing. One evening, a shotgun pressed against Sarah's forehead changes their little paradise forever.

1. You're tired of conventional adversary/hero stories.
2. You want to read something different.
3. As you get older you are learning to appreciate both the concept and the idea of "quirky".
4. You're intrigued to know that there are parts of this book that you will love and parts that may mildly offend you.
5. You have hair.
6. You periodically get your hair cut.
7. You like to actually get to know characters, and settle into a book.
8. You like to feel, when you're reading, like you're either in front of a raging fire or on the beach.
9. You want to figure out who's holding that shotgun.
10. You want to figure out where the fictional salon, The Conscilience (Sarah Joy, Proprietor) is located.
11. You want to buy the book now, just for the cover!
12. You're trying to figure out what to do with the Amazon gift certificate you got for Christmas.
13. YOU'RE LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT SUMMER READ - everyone will be talking about it, you know!
14. Every purchase helps residents of the Jersey shore in their rebuilding efforts. Please buy two!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Fiction/Quirky is not a shelf you will find in your local bookstore, or on a web site where books are sold.  You may find sections such as Biography, Non-Fiction, Historical, Humor, Science Fiction, Poetry, or Sports.  There are many websites that outline the many, many categories and sub-categories under which one may list their book.  I initially chose Urban Fiction, and was happy with that until I investigated, and learned that Urban Fiction is inhabited by the stories of hookers and the Mafioso.

For your information, I have personally investigated every possible category, and while one cannot list a book under multiple categories, if I could, my listing would look like this:

FICTION/Action & Adventure                                                                8% 
FICTION/ Coming of Age                                                                        5%

FICTION/ Contemporary Women                                                         10%
FICTION /Erotica                                                                                     1%
FICTION/Humorous                                                                               20%
FICTION/Lesbian                                                                                     5%
FICTION/Men's Adventure                                                                     5%
FICTION/Suspense                                                                                   4%
FICTION/Urban Life                                                                                5%
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS/Aging                                                    7%
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS/Children with Special Needs            10%
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS/ Interpersonal Relationships             15%
FAMILY& RELATIONSHIPS/Life Stages/Teenagers                           5%

Something for everyone - something sure to make everyone think twice.  And you only get charged for one book!

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